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Q. Who is the live escape game designed for?

A. ROOM 5280 live escape game is for anyone who loves a challenge and wants to have fun with family, friends, neighbors or coworkers. The goal is simple: escape from a locked room in 60 minutes using only your team’s thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and logic to solve the room’s mysteries, riddles, and puzzles. The room is filled with a series of cryptic clues and padlocks, so be sure to carefully look over everything in the room. Additional helpful clues will be presented when needed.



Q. Is there an age limit for team members?

A. While there is no age limit, the ideal age is 12 years and older. You can bring younger children, but at least one team member must be an adult.



Q. Do I need any special skills or knowledge for the game?

A. The game is designed to test team working skills, creativity and “thinking outside the box”. It requires no special skills and is not physically challenging.



Q. I have already tried one of the escape rooms; are there any differences between the other rooms? Is it worth trying out the others one too?

A. We have 3 different ROOM 5280 Experiences. Each contains very different riddles, puzzles and escape strategies.



Q. How long does a game last?

A. For each room you will be given 60 minutes to escape. Please also allow 10-15 minutes for us to provide you with the instructions and basic rules needed to complete the game safely. The total ROOM 5280 experience should last a total of 80 minutes at most, but remember it all depends on how quickly your team can escape!



Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We require all guests to reserve their games and make payment online. Given the required set-up for each game, walk-ins are generally discouraged. Exceptions may be made if there are available spots.



Q. What is the minimum and maximum size of groups per game?

A. In general, bigger teams have a better chance to escape. The minimum and maximum number of players is set to 2-8 for SHERLOCK and THE EXPERIMENT and 4-10 players for THE HEIST. As we have 3 different ROOM 5280 experiences at the moment, we can have up to 30 people playing simultaneously. Larger group sizes can be accommodated through scheduling a private party. Contact us via email at or call 336-355-5505.



Q. Can everyone in our group pay separately online?

A. Yes. Although when bookings become available they fill up quickly. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have everyone in your group purchase their tickets quickly. Alternatively, you can have one person purchase all the tickets for the entire group.



Q. If I am unable to show up at the reserved time, what should I do?

A. You can re-schedule your game up to 48 hours before the start.



Q. How’s parking?

A. Free parking is available to the right behind the building.



Q. Should I drink alcohol or smoke weed before the game to make this escape more fun?

A. No. You will need to be able to focus on the game to escape successfully. Drunk people do not escape. There are plenty of great restaurants and bars within a walking distance from us that you can enjoy after the game!



Q. I really want to escape! How do I increase my chances?

A. Concentrate. Use your logic. Be creative. Work as a team. Move fast. Stay motivated. Pessimistic, depressed and unhappy people do not escape.


Q. Our game is at 8pm. When should we arrive?

A. 7:45pm. This way you have enough time to prepare and listen to the instructions.